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Contact our office to search for the property you are interested in.

Through the hundreds of properties managed by our company,

the investment opportunities, the availability and the variety

of our properties will surely meet your needs.


Buying and Selling - Leasing Real Estate

Use our experience to settle and make your investment decisions.

We undertake to present you the properties that meet the

requirements of the search criteria you set or to promote for

sale-lease the property you are interested in.


We aim to:

1) In ensuring the most efficient and effective market conditions.

2) In the realistic performance of your needs and requirements.

3) In your financial facility through securing loans.

4) In the honest and well-intentioned conduct of negotiations.

5) In the most effective promotion and promotion of your property

for sale-lease.



Value assessment and evaluation

Our executives and the network of consultants - collaborators

of our Technical Office are the appropriate appraisers of value

and evaluation for the planning of the sale - lease of your property.

Also through our Technical Office we offer reliable control, in "point ZERO",

of any property you are interested in buying or renting, while

undertaking the process for any licensing, certification or registration.


Reconstruction / renovation / decoration works


Completing the coverage of the entire range of your every investment

move, through our construction company MORPHY, we undertake

the elaboration of reconstruction-renovation-decoration works of

apartments, maisonettes, Cottages, gardens, shops and business


With a suitable network of excellent professionals in the field

of construction - decoration, we fully serve the configuration and

Utilization of your Space.